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Cuan Saor Women's Refuge

24 Hour Helpline 1800 57 67 57

Email Safety

Also see safe surfing, social networking and phone safety.

The information on this page has been reproduced with the kind permission of Womens Aid

If someone has access to your e-mail account they may be able to read your incoming and outgoing mail. Make sure you choose a password that someone will not be able to guess. Change your password regularly. Some e-mail programmes can automatically save addresses of mails you have sent and received, so check your address book and delete any contact details you fear could raise suspicions.

If someone sends you threatening or harassing e-mails make sure you print and save them. Although you may be tempted to delete them, especially if they are distressing, they are evidence and may help you prove that a criminal offence has been committed.

Be aware of how records of your emails can be accessed:

FREEPHONE 1800 57 67 57

Our Vision: Cuan Saor has a vision of society which respects the human rights of women and children to live violence free.

Our Mission: Cuan Saor's Mission is to support all women and children who have experienced domestic violence