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Cuan Saor Women's Refuge

24 Hour Helpline 1800 57 67 57

Available Free Services

24 hour helpline: The helpline is to provide safe, confidential and anonymous support to women who have or are currently experiencing domestic violence. Women will receive support and information they need at the time of making the call by a trained member of staff. This number links into all other Cuan Saor services and is free and available 24 hours daily 365 days a year.

All following Services can be accessed via Freephone Helpline 1800 576757

Refuge:Cuan Saor Women's Refuge We provide accommodation for women who have to leave their homes due to a domestic violence incident. This is short term crisis accommodation which is staffed on a 24 hour basis and is safe and secure with high levels of support. We currently have three/four self-contained units with a large walled garden for children to play in. Male children can be accommodated in these units and women can parent according to their own child rearing customs. The Refuge provides women with space to make decisions about their future free from pressure and fear.

Support & Information Service: Women are given the opportunity to meet a support worker and talk through their situation. This will enable a woman to obtain information so that she can make choices for herself and her children.

Court Accompaniment: This service supports women who choose the legal route to manage abuse in their relationships. Advice and support will be provided by a trained member of staff in obtaining Court Safety, Protection and Barring Orders, access and custody of children, legal separation and divorce. Women are accompanied to Court and assisted with obtaining legal aid where appropriate.

Outreach Service: Is provided in Carrick on Suir, Tipperary Town, Cashel, Killenaule and Ballingarry in community and primary care buildings to women who are unable to attend Clonmel . Support and information is provided one to one and women may be referred to other Cuan Saor services when required.

Child and Family Support: A qualified Child and Family support worker is available to assist women to manage challenging behaviour in their children who are coping with living with domestic violence. One to one and group work with children is provided where children are encouraged to explore their feelings around Domestic Violence in a safe environment.

Training and Awareness Raising: Cuan Saor run regular 15 Week Pattern Change group sessions for women to address and understand their experiences of Domestic Violence.

Workshops are run by Cuan Saor in Schools and Community Groups “Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships” and Sexual Health Programme developed by Squashy Couch.