Cuan Saor Womens Refuge supporting and changing lives

 Our Team Values

  • Respect We will respect the service users, the organisation we work with and each other as a staff member.
  • Equality: We will work within an equality framework, which will include involving service users with the planning and evaluation of the service.
  • Safety: We will work within the principles of safety, for staff and service users alike. We will keep clear boundaries within our work. We will ensure that staff do not work in isolation.
  • Non-discrimination: We will ensure our service are inclusive and do not discriminate.
  • Non Judgemental: We will operate our services non judgementally.
  • Integrity: We will operate our service with integrity and ensure confidentiality within our policy.
  • Openness: We will operate an open and honest service with service users within the organisation and organisation’s with whom we have contact. We will be open to learning as an organisation in particular to new cultures and different ways of living.
  • Support: We will operate in a supportive environment, both with the service providers and with the Cuan Saor Team.

Cuan Saor provides the following services:

  • Refuge accommodation (short-term crisis accommodation)
  • 24 Hour/365 day Freephone helpline
  • Support and information (drop-in or by appointment)
  • Counselling
  • Outreach to designated clinics in South Tipperary area
  • Court Accompaniment Service
  • Aftercare
  • Training and Awareness-raising
  • Child and Family Support

All services are free and confidential.

Simply dial the Freephone helpline 1800 576757 to access the service and a trained member of staff will listen and provide support and information and explain other aspects of services we provide. This service is available 24/7 365 days a year.

24 hour helpline 1800 57 67 57         Email

Cuan Saor's Vision:
Cuan Saor has a vision of society which respects the human rights of
women and children to live violence free.

Cuan Saor's Mission:
Cuan Saor’s Mission is to support all women and children
who have experienced domestic violence

Cuan Saor Womens Refuge supporting and changing lives

Supporting and
changing lives.

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