Cuan Saor Womens Refuge supporting and changing lives

 Sample Safety Plan

Think about
• Where you can go to make a telephone call;
• A safe place where you can go to stay in an emergency. This may be with a friend or relative, a woman’s refuge, a hotel or a B&B;
• The telephone number of the safe place;
• How to get to the safe place. Decide how you will get there at different times eg. day or night;
• The number of a local taxi firm;
• What to tell the children, and how to tell it to them, when you need to put the Safety Plan into action.

Write down:
• important phone numbers • your family’s essential medicines
• your RSI/ PPS or Claim No. • your Child Benefit Book No


Click here to see our full Safety Plan


Cuan Saor Womens Refuge supporting and changing lives

Cuan Saor provides the following services:

  • Refuge accommodation (short-term crisis accommodation)
  • 24 Hour/365 day Freephone helpline
  • Support and information (drop-in or by appointment)
  • Counselling
  • Outreach to designated clinics in South Tipperary area
  • Court Accompaniment Service
  • Aftercare
  • Training and Awareness-raising
  • Child and Family Support

All services are free and confidential.

Simply dial the Freephone helpline 1800 576757 to access the service and a trained member of staff will listen and provide support and information and explain other aspects of services we provide. This service is available 24/7 365 days a year.

24 hour helpline 1800 57 67 57         Email

Cuan Saor's Vision:
Cuan Saor has a vision of society which respects the human rights of
women and children to live violence free.

Cuan Saor's Mission:
Cuan Saor’s Mission is to support all women and children
who have experienced domestic violence

Cuan Saor Womens Refuge supporting and changing lives

Supporting and
changing lives.

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